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Vice Principal Wemp

Emmett Wemp has been an educator since 2005. He started his career in the Boise School District as a Technology and Engineering teacher. He moved to the Nampa School District in 2009 and taught Engineering until 2014. In 2016, Emmett was fortunate to be the founding principal for Treasure Valley Leadership Academy. This year, Emmett gets to be on the administrative team for NOVA where he serves students and families in their online-learning adventures.


Fun Facts about Mr. Wemp:

  • Loves to eat old meats and cheeses (salami and aged Gouda for example)
  • Has an associate degree in Automotive Restoration.
  • Hates wearing shoes.
  • Refuses to wear regular socks.
  • Loves a good campfire.
  • Has a plain ol’ poodle, not mixed with anything.
  • His wife teaches in Nampa also.
  • Enjoys mowing the lawn.