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Elementary Teacher

Ms. Barrett is an elementary teacher for Nampa Online Virtual Academy. Mickie grew up in four states: California, Idaho, Utah, and Missouri. When she was a young adult, she moved back to Idaho where she’s lived for the last 28 years. She’s taught grades 3-6 in the Caldwell, Kuna, and Nampa School Districts. The majority of her 19-year career was spent in the Nampa School District where she also worked as a Teacher on Assignment, assisting with curriculum, instructional resources and training for new teachers and their mentors. She has a passion for science and social studies, and for reaching the needs of exceptional learners.  


Ms. Barrett earned her bachelor’s in elementary education at Boise State University. She immediately followed it up with a master’s in special education at NNU, and a master’s in reading and writing specific to science and social studies from Walden University. She has continued to educate herself in the areas of STEM, technology, and gifted education. 


Some fun facts about Ms. Barrett: 

  • She’s living that dance mom life with her 12-year-old competitive dancer. 
  • She’s a devoted 49ERS FAN. 
  • She’s a puzzle enthusiast... anything less than 1000 pieces is too easy! 
  • Her favorite reality shows are Dancing with the Stars and The Amazing Race. 
  • Her favorite place to be is the Oregon Coast. 
  • She loves to travel to touristy places. Her most recent trip was Thanksgiving in New York. Next on the list: Mount Rushmore and Washington D.C. Dream Trip: ITALY!! 
  • She can crochet and knit but prefers crocheting.