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About Mr. Oakes - Instructional Coach

Marcus is originally from Boise. He has lived in Idaho most of his life, and Utah (where he went to school and earned a bachelor's degree in psychology). He currently resides in Arizona. After a few years of working outside of education, Mr. Oakes entered the classroom and then received his masters degree at Boise State. Mr. Oakes has been teaching for four years and is excited to work with all the NOVA teachers as the Instructional Coach!


Some fun facts about Mr. Oakes: 

  • He is married with two kids and two puppies.  
  • His love for music and sports is second only to his love for his family.  
  • He is a big Lakers fan and an even bigger Boise State fan! 
  • Growing up he played baseball, basketball, football and ran track.  
  • He plays guitar and a little piano and writes his own music.  
  • In his free time, he writes mystery books. 
  • His weekends usually consist of binge-watching Netflix and playing video games while his family is asleep...but don't tell them I said that!