Georgia Thies » Secondary English Language Arts Teacher

Secondary English Language Arts Teacher

Georgia was born in Boise and grew up in the Wood River Valley. She moved back to Boise after high school to attend Boise State University, where she majored in the history of art and visual culture with a minor in visual arts. She then spent a year realizing there wasn’t really anything to do with that degree, so she returned to BSU to complete a graduate certificate in secondary education, where she was certified to teach secondary English and K-12 Art.  


After teaching 9th, 10th, and 11th grade English at Payette High School for two years, she got sick of people asking why she was teaching English when she didn’t have a degree in English or education, so she returned to BSU a third time to get her master’s degree in teaching English language arts. At the same time, she accepted a position at Nampa High School, where she taught 9th and 10th grade English for five years. During this time, she also developed an interest in educational technology, completing NNU’s HACK program and earning a graduate certificate in technology integration from BSU.  


A few fun facts about Ms. Thies: 


  • She is married to Mr. Buckridge, who also teaches English at Nampa High. They have a two-year-old daughter named Zelda (yes, after the video game).  
  • They have a whole menagerie of pets, which currently includes two dogs, four cats, and twelve chickens. At previous points in time, it has also included a snake and a rabbit and will hopefully eventually include a few horses and some goats.  
  • She loves any type of game, including video games, board games, and strategy games, ranging from solitaire to the Legend of Zelda and “The Witcher series to Warhammer.  
  • The newest addition to her family is a kitten named Dandelion, after the bard in “The Witcher, and she spent the first several months of the kitten’s life correcting people and telling them Dandi was a boy only to find out that Dandi is, in fact, a girl.  
  • Her family on her mom’s side is descended from John Hart, who signed the Declaration of Independence for New Jersey.  
Ms. Thies teaches 6th, 8th, 9th, and 12th grade English. 
For all classes, all activities will start and end in Otus.
  • Lessons will be published on Wednesdays.
    • For middle school, lessons contain 1 week of content and are due the following Wednesday. 
    • For high school, lessons contain 2 weeks of content and are due 2 Wednesdays later. 
  • Lessons will contain links to any other resources the students need, including:
    • MyHRW - this is our online textbook
      • For most of what we do in MyHRW, students do not need to be logged in. If they do need to be logged in, they should login through ClassLink.
    • EdPuzzle - this is a video viewing platform that we use primarily to listen to audiobooks and answer reading questions
      • We will create accounts at the beginning of the year. If students forget their password, their teach can reset if for them. 
    • Eduflow - this will be used for any group projects, discussions, and peer revision
      • We will create accounts at the beginning of the year. If students forget their password, they should click the "Forgot password" link on the login page. Eduflow will send them an email to reset their password. 
    • IXL - this provides practice activities for students to practice the skills we are working on in class
      • This must be logged into using our school specific link:
      • If students do not know their username or password, they can contact their teacher for this information. 
  • Lessons will also contain links and instructions for any assessments. If students access the assessments through the Assessments tab in Otus rather than through the lesson, they may miss important information. 
All of our meetings and day-to-day communication will happen in Teams.
  • Students will automatically be added to the class Team at the beginning of each semester. 
  • They should receive a calendar invite from each of their teachers with all of their class meeting times. This will appear on the Teams calendar and come to their email. 
  • If a teacher has to cancel a class for some reason, students will receive an email about it. Ms. Thies will also post in the class Team that class is canceled with information about what students should do during class time. 
  • Teams chat is the best way for students to get in touch with Ms. Thies. 
Please feel free to contact Ms. Thies at any time, though be aware that she will not respond outside of work hours (7:00-3:00 Monday-Friday). She will always do her best to respond within 24 hours. 
Parents: The best way to contact Ms. Thies is through email at [email protected]
Students: The best way to contact Ms. Thies is through Teams chat