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Social/Emotional Support

Self-regulation: Teach your child(ren) mindfulness activities for developing the mind & body connection. Relaxation can be a great way to diffuse anger, sooth anxiety, connect with your inner self, etc.
Students who are experiencing difficulty at school due to social/emotional issues can benefit from a school counselor's interactions, check-ins, small group counseling, etc. Dr. Dowski is available to assist you, the parent and/or student, with any life issues that are an obstacle to learning. She will also recommend alternative resources if the need of the student and/or family is beyond the scope of a school counselor. Please call 208-615-5326 and leave a message or text a message. You may also email her at [email protected]
Sometimes students have personal/social/emotional needs that may require community counseling or therapy. Find a list of counselors by entering your town or zip code.
If your child is experiencing suicidal thoughts and you cannot locate a community counselor; or you are having difficulty locating a community counselor, try this agency. Use the member hotline phone number.
In case of a mental health emergency, please call 911 or take your child to the nearest hospital's emergency room.
The Mentoring Network, Inc.: Mentoring can be an excellent choice for a student who is struggling in academics or personally/socially in the school atmosphere. Students are paired with a vetted adult to form a possible life-long connection of support. If interested, contact Dr. Dowski