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Welcome Letter

Welcome to NOVA!

My name is Jason Hillman and I feel blessed to have been given opportunity to be the principal at the newest Nampa School District School:  Nampa Online Virtual Academy.  I have been with the Nampa School District since 1996 and have worn many hats.  I have been a teacher, coach, vice- principal, principal, director of special education, and parent of 4 students within our school system.  I am proud of our schools and the staff that work so hard to inspire excellence in every child every day.  2020 and the challenges of a worldwide pandemic have highlighted for us the need to provide new and different ways of learning.  When the district surveyed parents, students, and teachers about their “soft closure” experience, there was a significant number of each group that expressed a desire to have an ongoing online learning option within the school district. Thankfully, our leaders listened and have given us the opportunity to build the Nampa Online Virtual Academy (NOVA). 

As a student at NOVA in the 20-21 school year, you will experience an exciting school year filled with fun, productive online learning activities, and even some digital social activities.  The NOVA staff are committed to helping you learn and grow to reach your maximum potential. 

Our staff use a blend of online meetings and digital content to provide instruction for our core classes.  Students are expected to participate regularly in online class meetings with teachers and other students via digital platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Students are also expected to complete a variety of learning experiences outside of the meeting times.  This work is not all “homework”, rather it is a part of the instruction.  Students will participate in independent activities that will introduce them to new learning topics and or standards. 

Credit for courses offered through NOVA will be granted based on student’s showing proficiency in the standards for the course. 

Because NOVA is a small school, we offer the required courses for graduation at the high school and a very limited number of electives from our full time and adjunct faculty.  We provide opportunities for students to take elective courses through attending one of our district high school courses on a brick and mortar campus or attending a digital course through IDLA.  The weekly schedule is designed in such a way that high school students can attend a brick and mortar elective in person and also attend the digital courses they need.

Please search our web page to find out more about us!

If you are interested in applying to be a student at NOVA please complete the open enrollment application at https://www.nsd131.org/apps/pages/OpenEnrollment  

Thank you,  
Jason K. Hillman