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Proud To Be NSD


NSD at a Glance

  • 13,560 Spirited Students
  • 1,675 Committed Staff Members
  • 2,673 Dual Credit Courses Taken
  • 24 High-Quality Schools
  • 94 Square Miles of Superior Learning Facilities

Why Choose NOVA?

Nampa Online Virtual Academy is a school of choice, offering a K-12 virtual option to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students. We are unique in that we have scheduled weekly and daily classes that provide live instruction to students. Classes are recorded and made available to watch later. We also offer in-person “office hours” support for students who may need an extra boost in a specific class. NOVA also partners with Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, CWI, BSU and our District brick-and-mortar schools to offer a wide variety of options for students to participate in courses that fit their wants and needs.     

NSD's Strategic Vision

Back view of adult holding up two fingers in front of a computer monitor, with world map on wall in background.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: The mission of the Nampa School District is to ensure high levels of achievement for every student.

Vision: Every student is fully engaged in extraordinary learning experiences, preparing for successful transition to the next stage of life.


NOVA Graduation

Time: 5 PM
Location: Virtual; Hat Toss at 7 p.m. at Park Ridge

Upcoming Events

Globe overlaid with info: 6 p.m. Feb. 3 at Columbia High School.

Night Around the World Gala

Support the Nampa Schools Foundation at this evening celebrating our students, their heritage and their future exploration. Tickets are available at