NSD Property Tax Rate Decreases

In March 2020, taxpayers approved a two-year, $12,895,000 per year supplemental levy. Although this levy provides additional dollars for school facility upgrades, the new rate for the combined bond, tort levy and supplemental levy was set to decrease by 65 cents per every $1,000 in a home’s taxable value. Fast forward to fall, and the news gets better. Thanks to increases in the number of new homes and property values across the district, the tax rate is actually 98 cents lower than in 2019. The rate dropped from $3.99 per $1,000 to just $3.01 per $1,000.

The district will actually collect $4 million less in property taxes from our patrons this year than last year, while still being able to meet the growing needs of our students, teachers and aging facilities.

Over the life of the levy, funds will be allocated annually as follows:

  • Teachers, Staff and Current Programs: $3,930,000
  • Curriculum and Technology: $3,810,000
  • School Facility Upgrades: $3,520,000
  • Activities, Athletics, Music and Performing Arts: $485,000
  • Playground Upgrades: $400,000
  • Transportation: $350,000
  • Building Security: $300,000
  • Early Childhood Education: $100,000

Supplemental levy funds have been used to replace worn playgrounds at Central and Sherman elementary schools. In the previous year, three more playgrounds were replaced at Iowa, Park Ridge and Snake River.

2019-2020 also saw funds used for repairs at Greenhurst, West and South; sports transportation, secondary athletics acquisitions; elementary and secondary student activities, such as band, orchestra, choir, theater, field trips and PE equipment; new curriculum; and technology upgrades.

Learn more about how your levy dollars are being put to work by visiting our webpage at Nampa.School/YourLevy.