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If you are an athlete and learn better in the online environment, you can attend NOVA and still participate in Athletics!   As an online school, we do not currently have NOVA Athletic teams.  (Maybe someday! J). Student athletes wishing to participate will do so at the Middle/High School in which boundaries they reside.   


For example:  If Student “A” attends NOVA and lives in the West Middle School boundaries, she would need to try out for the West Middle School team.  She would not be eligible to play for the South Middle School team.  


If you want to participate in athletics and are unsure which school is your boundary school, you can find out using our NSD School Boundary online look up tool.  


NOVA student athletes will be held to the same academic eligibility standards and team rules as all other participants.  NOVA student athletes will also be held to the IHSAA Rules and eligibility criteria. 


You can contact the school to find more information about sports seasons, team tryouts, and eligibility criteria.